#Cuba “exports” cholera to #Venezuela

#Cuba “exports” cholera to #Venezuela

Cholera has been detected in two people who traveled to the island last week – Private doctors warn the government of Maduro.

Venezuelan doctors reported on Thursday of the detection of two cases of cholera in that country as having been “imported from Cuba”.

The Venezuelan Society of Public Health said in a statement that they “unofficially” had knowledge that on August 7 two cholera patients had been identified, reported newspaper El Mundo.


The cases were confirmed in laboratories. Those affected are being hospitalized in private clinics in eastern Caracas, according to the statement.

Those affected are a couple who traveled to Cuba last week, and upon returning to their country were diagnosed with the disease.

“They started with symptoms of acute diarrhoea, and required hospitalization on August 6 – the cultures were reported positive for Vibrio cholera on August 7,” continued the text.

The organization added that the doctors notified the Ministry of Health, in order to activate the corresponding epidemiological quarantine.

“Attending physicians made ​​the notification to the People’s Health Ministry because it is a notifiable disease,” said the statement from the company.

The secrecy with which Havana has treated the cholera epidemic still plaguing the island has made it impossible to raise the perception of risk, both in Cuba and in the region.

S: http://www.diariodecuba.com/cuba/1376001339_4563.html

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